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The Super Food Bowl Based on Customer Reviews

Super Food Bowl – Philly Cheese Steak vs. Clam Chowder

Just before the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles collide in the Super Bowl, the rivalry between the two regions is at an all-time high. 

Fans are up in arms comparing everything on and off the field. But, competing over food is by far the tastiest comparison there is. :p

So, who are the contenders? There are none better than the iconic foods from these regions – Philly’s cheesesteak and New England’s clam chowder. (We know, Philly, it’s only called a cheesesteak in your parts).

We dug deep into the online reviews to decide who ultimately wins this epic battle of food. May the best food win! 

Those who love Philly Cheesesteaks can’t decide which restaurant offers the best, but Geno’s is one of the city’s favorite. The patrons of Geno’s say, “I visited a friend in Philadelphia for a few days. She recommended Geno's for cheesesteaks. Incredible! Had to do it the true Philadelphian way with the Cheez Whiz. Excellent!”

It doesn’t get any more American than tossing Cheese Whiz into a crusty roll of steak.

Touchdown, Philly.

If you thought “incredible” was enough to win Philadelphia the crown of the Super Food Bowl, then you do not know how much New Englanders love their chowder. 

From our research, chowder may be more than just food in New England. Chris P. on Tripadvisor had this to say about the chowder he had at Summer Shack in Boston. “We started w/the New England style clam chowder which was heaven….Yummy.”

Touchdown + two-point conversion, New England.

Philly has to make a good comeback otherwise Clam Chowder may just take the win. 

Check out this review from Michael L., who flew to Philadelphia for the sandwich, “Came to Philly for the day just to try some Philly cheese steaks. With the fiancee, we decided to try the famous dueling restaurants. We got one of each, and she liked the competition, but I liked Genos. Both were good, and I can't wait to come back for more.”

It was well worth the travels for ole Mike.

Here is where it gets interesting. A fan from Philly who is raving about the Union Oyster House in Boston. For him, there is nothing better than a big bowl of chowder in New England on a rainy day. “Quick stop for historical purposes, but on a cold rainy day, hot soup was definitely in order. Hot chowder, tea, and dessert hit the spot to continue our walk on the Freedom Trail. Good food at reasonable prices.”

Another customer of the Black Pearl at New Port converted into a chowder lover. “O M G. Recommended by a local. Came for a late lunch. Two of us had the clam chowder. I'm not a chowder fan, but it smelled soo good. Tasted better than good, a must have.”

New England gets points here for converting someone who doesn’t even like chowder into a lover. 

But, Philly cheesesteaks also got the power to convert as this couple from Massachusetts found out. “My wife and I were in Philly for one night and wanted to get the full Philly cheesesteak experience, and this place fit the bill. You could tell it was going to be good when the line was out the door and full of locals. Since we aren’t usually cheesesteak fans, we were hesitant, but it turned out to be delicious.”

Line out the door? Ok, this place must be legit, and Philly earns significant points here.


Judging by customer reviews, is there a way to find out which region holds supremacy in the Super Food Bowl?

While a team will win the big game on Sunday, this decision is way too difficult for us to choose. Some people love the meaty, cheesy sandwich, others like the warm clam-rich chowder.

So, who you got? Head to the top and place your VOTE!

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